Image campaign

The image campaign was developed to strengthen the Koenig & Bauer brand and increase brand awareness among our target groups. The central message of the campaign is the sentence "We print your world", in which "We" deliberately involves our customers. The motifs show everyday excerpts from each person's world, with print products highlighted in a stylized form. Primary campaign communication naturally takes place via print advertisements in trade magazines. The advertisements are always placed in appropriate editorial thematic focuses and supplemented by banner advertising on the relevant websites.


The advertising motifs were developed in close cooperation with the BUs involved. The visual language runs through all motifs. Excerpts from the everyday life of each person are shown with a focus on print products. The products are highlighted by red marking and function as eye-catchers in the otherwise clearly colour-reduced environment. On the meta-level, the message is: printing alone turns a grey world into a diverse one.


Copy mechanism

The copy is always structured according to the same concept:

We combine X and Y so that Z is created.

The headline remains unchanged "We print your world" and is not translated.

The final sentence in each ad is: "Because printing is our world".




The scene shows a high-quality spirits bottle and a corresponding drinking glass with the characteristic stripe symbolizing the glass print.


The motif for the application area of corrugated board printing shows high-quality packaging. It tells the story of an "Unboxing Experience".


For packaging printing in general. A product is shown that consists of several sub-products.


Together with the Sheetfed business unit, this motif was developed that shows typical sheetfed offset products in the surroundings of a kitchen.


For the business unit "Coding", a motif was developed that shows both a barcode and a best-before date on a milk package. The statement refers to the confidence that the consumer has in the label.


The motif shows the various applications of metal decoration that are possible with Koenig & Bauer Metalprint machines.

Online banner

There are static online banners analogous to every display motif. The banners are also issued online parallel to the  the print media, i.e. in the same period in which a print ad is also in a trade magazine. Animated banners are not used to counteract the phenomenon of banner blindness.


Use trackable links! These can be created with the Google Campaign URL-Builder. Please always use "image_world" as your Campaign Name!







Adrian Hoffmann