The Koenig & Bauer typeface ensures that information is conveyed legibly and comprehensibly across all media. The font combines geometric forms and engineering precision with friendly, humanistic shapes, creating a clear style statement for the entire brand presentation.

Koenig & Bauer typeface

Corporate typeface for headlines and body copy

The Koenig & Bauer typeface makes a clear style statement that impacts the entire presentation of the brand. The corporate typeface is based on the Rational font family, and is available in two different typesettings. The typeface combines geometric forms and engineering precision with friendly, humanistic shapes.

Koenig & Bauer Headline

The Koenig & Bauer H has been optimised for headlines and enables large-print script to make a bold statement.

Koenig & Bauer Text

The Koenig & Bauer T has been optimised for running text, and ensures better legibility in small-print areas.


The Koenig & Bauer typeface has been optimised for use in digital media and printed matter, and is used in a versatile manner in all types of communication. The data sets for the brand font are subdivided into three platform-specific folders:

OpenType (OTF)
for Mac-based operating systems, the corporate typeface is available in an open type format with the file suffix .otf.

TrueType (TTF)
for Windows-based operating systems, the corporate typeface is available in True Type format with the file suffix .ttf.

Web fonts (WEB)
Additional web fonts are available for Internet and web-based applications.

Arial – replacement font

Across all systems, Arial is used as a replacement font where the brand font is not available. Ideally, its use should be restricted to Office applications (e.g. MS Word and PowerPoint) and emails.

Headlines: Arial Bold
Body copy: Arial Regular

Headline principle

The constant drive towards progress, change and ongoing development is visualised by the insertion of the second line in the headline.

Headlines are always positioned as two-line or three-line headlines in Koenig & Bauer H Medium, and are aligned to the upper or lower edge of their text frame in the baseline grid. In principle, the size of the headline can be chosen freely, such that content is conveyed together with the brand elements in the best manner possible.

Format Minimum
headline size
headline size
A4 21 pt 90 pt
A5 18 pt 60 pt
DL 18 pt 60 pt

Subheadline use

Instead of the headline, information can be inserted on a second level as a subheadline. Subheadlines are always set in Koenig & Bauer H Book. The guidelines for determining character and line spacing are identical to those for headlines.

HL and SL colours

Depending on the positioning (on the brand colour background, overlapping an image or completely on top of an image), headlines and subheadlines are white or Koenig & Bauer Blue. The colour choice always depends on optimal readability.

Font hierarchies for inside pages

Body copy is set in Koenig & Bauer T Light. Exact specifications have been defined and are also determined in the paragraph formats of the literature templates. Thicker fonts are used for intermediate headlines, highlighted words and picture captions.

Example: A4