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Koenig & Bauer AG has 33 subsidiaries. As they all have a different look on the market, you can’t identify a clear brand image. A common “roof” under which all their values and competences are pooled provides a point of reference and fulfils the brand promise for them all.

A major event like the anniversary emphasises the importance of the new consolidated brand presentation, so it was announced at the anniversary.

An experienced brand agency conducted interviews on the sound and associations of both names in ten countries. Koenig & Bauer suggests the German origin, respectability, trust, technology and inno-vation. And this tipped the scales in favour of Koenig & Bauer, even if KBA is easier to say. Interview-ees however tended to associate it with consumer goods, entertainment or sport.

  • The pioneering spirit is in our nature
  • We define ourselves through our actions
  • We are driven by passion for mechanical engineering

They were based on interviews with employees from almost all companies and users of & Koenig & Bauer and its competitors. The anonymised answers provided the basis for the analysis and strategy phase. The ability to combine and associate emerged as common aspect: Ink & Substrate, Tradition & Innovation, Approachability & Professionalism, Needs & Technologies. This interplay gave rise to the tag line which conveys the values and brand core: “Koenig & Bauer has what it takes to take customers further.”

No. That would compromise and weaken our brand. The brand name is Koenig & Bauer.

The short form of the logo is the ampersand. Its brevity puts the premium brand Koenig & Bauer visually in a nutshell.

In typographic terms the ampersand is a ligature of the letters et, the Latin for “and”. It visually sym-bolises the brand core: “We bring together what moves our customers forward” and associates values:

  • The pioneering spirit is in our nature
  • We define ourselves through our actions
  • We are driven by passion for mechanical engineering

Evolution des Koenig & Bauer LogosThe old logo no longer reflected the new technologies – it was time for renewal. But there is a legacy, if you take a closer look …

No. It does not carry the same weight as the word mark. It is an enhancement. It acts as the ‘peg’ for all communication and core messages. It can however be used on its own if there is no space for the word mark.

What our legal structure is like does not interest customers. All the power is radiated by the umbrella brand. So it is not KBA XY GmbH & Co. KG, but Koenig & Bauer who launches a new product.

The tag line captures the Koenig & Bauer’s identity and competences and translates them into a memorable communicative message:

“We can print on almost all substrates.”

“In emergencies – we’re on it.”

“We are willing to take on our customers’ challenges.”

“We don't give up until we have found a solution.”

“We are the print experts with the longest tradition and experience. No matter what the future holds in store for you and us.”

Yes. This is a management board decision. New companies will operate under the name of Koenig & Bauer step by step.

The visual language is going to be revised. We know that we have narrowed down our options. A unique visual language is vital to set us apart from competitors. Colourful imagery isn’t the only way of conveying technology and innovation.

Please change if possible and reasonable. Otherwise, no longer use them after June 2018. We are aware that there will be exceptions, because we simply don’t have any alternative machines we can show.

Let ZM know of any possible delays at an early stage (

That depends on the availability of photos and machine renderings. Once they are available, the brochures can be changed completely to the new design as soon as pos-sible. If the photos aren’t available, then at least the new logo and font must be introduced by June 2018.

The Powerpoint templates are in the Intranet (Group – Documents − Presentation templates), in Salesforce and in the brand portal. Blue is used at corporate and image level, grey at product and service level and red for special topics and events.

By the end of March 2018. ZM is providing support with the supplier who did the branding in Würzburg.

The people responsible in the BUs together with ZM. It is in the interest of the respective marketing managers to strengthen and maintain the brand.

There is a style guide for web applications.

Yes. You can find it in this brand portal.

Guidelines work clothes